User experience Capabilities

A journey as rewarding as the destination

A great user experience forms a more meaningful and relevant connection between the brand and the customer. This is achieved by thoroughly understanding the customer’s behavior, motivations and need states to guide users seamlessly and effortlessly from one touchpoint to the next.

User Experience Architects well-versed in best practices and designing experiences for a variety of technology platforms, deliver modular approaches that can adhere to multiple templates, allow for reusability and consistency during development, and be easily maintained.


  • Experience of the Future
  • User Research
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Quantitative Surveys
  • Service Design
  • Persona Development
  • User Flows / Journey Mapping
  • Card Sorting
Experience of the future

Applying the power of technology to change user behavior for the better, the experience of the future blurs the line between the digital and physical creating a borderless experience. Now more than ever there are limitless opportunities to reshape the customer experience – from mobile apps that bring physical environments to life to retail stores infused with digital interfaces to reinventing the supply chain with tools that reduce human error and increase operational efficiencies.

User Research

To better understand user need states, pain points, behavior and motivations, Sagepath conducts a series of qualitative and quantitative research exercises to unlock the voice of the customer. Insights from online surveys, one-on-one interviews, contextual inquiry, and moderated focus groups form the foundation for a more relevant and impactful user experience.

Journey Mapping

A visual reflection of the customers’ interactions, a journey map captures customers’ emotional mindset, behavioral intent, channels and actions to lead them seamlessly from one touchpoint to the next without any friction or gaps.

Information Architecture

User Experience Architects develop site maps and wireframes to establish a hierarchy and structure for a more intuitive and cohesive user experience that enables design and development teams to more efficiently and effectively approach the solution.

Usability Testing

There's nothing more valuable than getting the product in front of real users. Sagepath conducts rapid guerrilla testing to fully moderated usability testing to provide valuable insights that can validate design decisions or uncover opportunities for improvement. Our User Experience Architects can custom-tailor the testing strategy and plan to meet the specific needs of the project.