Strategy Capabilities

It’s not business, it’s personal

Strategy is at the core of every initiative, serving as the north star. We use a series of workshops and proprietary frameworks to form a deeper understanding of clients' business, their customers and goals for growth.

Leveraging these insights, Strategists across multiple disciplines – business analytics, branding, customer experience, data science, marketing, supply chain and technology – work in collaboration with clients to define a custom-tailored digital transformation roadmap to maximize adoption, drive conversion and deliver new sources of revenue.



  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Audits and Analysis
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Content Strategy and Planning
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Account-based Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Roadmapping
  • BI Strategy
  • Technical Architecture
  • Martech Stack Evaluation and Selection
  • Marketing Automation Strategy
  • Personalization and Localization Strategy
Digital Transformation

Sagepath's framework fuses together a customer-centric approach with digital experiences, real-time data and modern technologies to accelerate our client’s ability to meet the evolving needs of its customers and the market. We leverage technology to connect the customer with business operations and create the experience of the future. 


Data analytics reveals who the customers are, what they are looking for, and how to optimize the customer journey for a more effective and fulfilling experience. Data scientists use proprietary tools to dissect relevant platform and customer data, then apply unique capabilities in ecommerce, POS, CMS, CRM, marketing automation and cloud architecture to convert the data into digestible metrics dashboards, and provide valuable insights to increase conversions and drive ROI.


In the land of digital, content is king. With just seconds to capture interest, a brand’s messaging, tone and visuals must speak loudly and clearly. Content strategists conduct thorough assessments of current content to develop recommendations that are consistent and on-target. Just as important, strategies must ensure the content attracts search engines, increases site traffic and provides the information customers are looking for in places where they expect to find it.


Branding is no longer a one directional journey to develop static statements, graphics and messaging. Rather, it has become a dynamic, two-way dialogue between the brand and customer. Successful branding starts with a clear strategy and understanding of the audience that leads to unique positioning in the market and evolves to form a deeper, more meaningful connection with the customer.


More than any other media, social is always on, requiring nimble interactions in an authentic, honest voice and tone that can help brands build productive relationships to increase affinity and sales. Social media experts stay on top of the latest trends to deliver strategies that serve up the right content to the right person at the right time on the right channel.


The quality of search ranking can mean the difference between gaining new customers or suffering lost opportunities. Our three-pillar framework for SEO strategy – architecture and authority, content, and technical – cuts across all aspects of any website to increase ranking, traffic, ROI and conversion.