Atlanta Data Science and Advance Analytics Agency


Does your business have a plethora of digital data and you're looking to use data to solve complex business questions and help drive value? Then data science and advanced analytics projects are here for you!

Our data science and advanced analytics team sift through your data and catalog for you different data science workstreams that we think will help your bottom line. Once we have our list, we assign potential ROI amounts to each, present our findings to you, select one, build the model, run a pilot, and then (depending on the results of the pilot) implement the final solution. 


  • Python
  • R
  • Databricks
  • Azure
  • Goolgle Cloud
  • AWS
  • Data Robot
Predictive Analytics

With predictive analytics, we use your data and our algorithms to dissect patterns in your data and make recommendations to drive action. What we really mean is... we train a computer to find trends in your data in order to help your business with a certain objective. When we talk to the computer, it tells us where to go and what changes to make in order to perform better. Making sense?

Recommendation Engines

Does your business operate on user preferences and connections? Let us help you create a data science recommendation engine. We use our algorithms to match you users/customers with the best (insert product/service here) possible based on data!

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