Atlanta Customer Data Analytics Agency


The customer data accelerator workstream identifies and collects customer data in all the different touch points that exist in your businesses digital landscape. Once the data is collected, it typically lives in disparate systems. We use the power of our ETL pipelines to pull your customers data into a single view. 

Now that we have your data at our fingertips, this is where the real fun happens. We take your data and create SQL transformations to build data views of your customer that you never knew could exist. 

Now, what can you do with this data? Well what can't you do with this data... We'll be able to segment your customers however you want to in order to orchestrate marketing efforts. We can help you report on historical customer performance in views that you haven't had in the past. And then the real fun.... we can leverage your unified customer data and pass it along to our data science team to make predictions and help your bottom line! 

Technology Categories

  • First Party Data
  • Web Analytics
  • App Analytics
  • Marketing Data Sources
  • Business Data Sources
  • Cloud Based Datawarehouses
  • Dashboarding
Unified Customer Data

First we listen. We look to you to understand your needs as a business in order to determine what data is needed to make you successful. Then, we take  inventory of your current data sources and identify areas for new data collection. We outline a plan, and implement it. Once everything is set, we have a great new dataset with beautiful customer data that lives in the middle of your data architecture. 

Customer Data Orchestration

Once we have the customer data in the view that we want it, we help you bring value to it. Afterall, we are all about showing ROI with our data. We do this by using data to determine segment our customers for orchestration on specific use cases like....give me a list of all the users who have placed an order on the website but haven't downloaded the app. And then from there let's email them a hyper targeted email to download our app. See where we're going here? The orchestration part is easy, so long as you have the data at your fingertips.

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