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Once your web and app data foundation is set and trusted, and you've identified what a conversion is, it's time to reduce the friction of both the on-site and off-site conversion funnels. At Sagepath, we like to use a data driven test and learn framework to optimize our conversion funnels. 

On-Site Conversion Rate Optimization

During our on-site conversion optimization workstreams, we sit down with you and understand what metrics it is that you're trying to influence. It could be transactions (ecommerce), bounce rate reduction, contact us forms, etc..

From there, we use data and brainstorm different experience changes that we can implement on the site to test and see if our hypothesis is correct and that the change has an impact on our target metrics. A simple example of this would be to simply change the color of, say, the add to cart button on a product detail page. Maybe something that pops a little more to the users eye? Could this really have an impact on conversion rate? Let's let the data do the talking.

Off-Site Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you a marketer trying to find the most efficient way of bringing users to the website with creative, messaging, or keyword titles? Then off-site conversion rate optimization is the workstream for you! 

When working with creative changes, we can leverage our in-house design team (or yours) to provide creative assets for us to test with data. We will target the same number of users and watch our click through rates. Once a clear winner is identified, we switch all targeting efforts to the winning creative.

The same framework takes place when for creative messaging and keyword title changes. Need help with your off-site conversion rate optimization? Let us know!


  • Google Optimize
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Target
  • CMS A/B Testing Engines

Personalization is another form that we use to optimize conversion. This can also be done from an on-site and off-site perspective and paired with marketing tactics to create a seamless user experience from advertisement to on-site.

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