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Navigating to a Smoother User Experience

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Increase in mobile sessions


Increase in new mobile users


Increase in users visiting the site

MarineMax is the nation’s largest publicly traded recreational boat and yacht retailer. Aside from carrying the best ways to get out on to the water, MarineMax wants to unite people through a shared love of the boating lifestyle.

The Challenge

Redefining Digital Experience

MarineMax first reached out to Sagepath to refine its boat search tool on their existing website. But as our relationship grew, we discovered several frustrations with the site as a whole, especially the user experience and how it affected potential customers who visited the site.

Notebook pages with work-in-progress wireframes for mobile content on
MarineMax website viewed on computer screen resting on a white desk in an office setting.
Our Approach

Building a New Digital Ecosystem

Our approach was to overhaul the MarineMax user experience with a focus on lead generation. We created a scalable solution driven by a new content hierarchy in a more stable, flexible and easy-to-manage CMS platform. This gave MarineMax the ability to easily manage the highly localized content on their site.

 Capabilities Used

  • Analytics
  • Content Strategy 
  • Creative
  • Development
  • SEO
  • Strategy
  • User Experience

Three side-by-side examples of boat search, boat shows and repower pages.

Localizing the MarineMax Experience 

Each MarineMax location serves a different community, with different types of boats offered as well as activities. Serving up relevant content was a priority. Now, when potential customers search the site, they find specific localized content that is more informative and personalized for them.

Bringing the Boating Lifestyle to Life

The reimagined design of the website also allowed MarineMax to showcase the beauty and fun of the boating lifestyle in a much more inviting way.

Grid of 5 boats for sale and upcoming events displayed on
2017 Azimut Grande yacht racing across the water in a search results display.
Grid of diverse boats resulting from a find-a-boat search on
The Results

More People Choosing the Boat Life

Since the launch of the site, MarineMax has seen an increase in 9.3% users visiting the site, a 18.6% increase in mobile sessions and a 12.3% increase in new mobile users.