LiveUp Program Launch

Educating and Inspiring Teens

Gamification Experience with Sitecore

Strategic Program Creation

Branding and Marketing

LiveUp is an online, interactive program that transforms real-life topics into self-guided activities that challenge teens to develop their leadership potential created by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation (CMOHF) with additional support from Delta Airlines. The program inspires teens to live by the values of the Medal of Honor: Courage, Sacrifice, Commitment, Integrity, Citizenship, and Patriotism. Each topic is presented through the true inspirational videos of Medal of Honor Recipients and Citizen Honors Awardees to illustrate how the values apply to everyday life.

The Challenge

Building A Program For Teens From Scratch

Part of The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation mission is to perpetuate the Medal of Honor’s legacy through outreach and collaborative efforts. Their Character Development Program is a popular curriculum for elementary and middle grade schools, but to continue to educate and inspire teens the Foundation partnered with Sagepath to create an entirely new program for teens ages 13-19.

Our Approach

Understanding Teens

Sagepath and the CMOHF worked closely with child psychologists, the Director of Digital Engagement at a prominent national youth organization, and educators to gain an understanding of the challenges facing today’s teenagers. Through this collaboration, topics were identified and activities were developed that would resonate with teens. Central to the program’s creation was gamification. Introducing game mechanics is a proven way to motivate participation and, for teens especially, keep things interesting..

 Capabilities Used

  • Analytics
  • Content Strategy 
  • Creative
  • Development
  • SEO
  • Strategy
  • User Experience

Building the LiveUp Brand 

While the activities and structure of the program were being created, the Sagepath team was also building the LiveUp brand. Extensive competitor research took place and as look and feel, tone of voice, and names were developed, focus groups consisting of teens were utilized to gain additional insights.

Finding Inspiration From Real-Life Heroes

An important contribution to the success of the program is the inclusion of Medal of Honor Recipients. The Sagepath team interviewed three Recipients for the program along with three Citizen’s Honors Awardees to create video content that will serve as inspirational introductions for the topics of LiveUp.

The Sitecore Build was built utilizing the Sitecore platform. However, the implementation involved a number of advanced features not found in a typical brochure website buildout. Gamification, personalization, analytics, gated content, sitewide search, Ecommerce and Facebook and Twitter integration all play a critical role in user experience for the site. Users can accrue points, level up based on certain tiers of points, monitor and track activity completion thanks to the gamification features. Ecommerce features include inventory tracking (SKU, variants, quantity) and merchandise redemption. Sitecore was modified and extended in a way to track individual user progress which went beyond simply tracking points or activities and allows The Medal of Honor Foundation to accurately measure the ways in which the site is changing our users’ lives.

The Results

Helping To Build A Legacy officially launched in the Fall of 2017. Currently, there are several marketing plans and social activations in place to begin spreading word about the program. For Sagepath, creating the program has been a tremendous honor and a truly rewarding experience.