Howard Hughes Website Redesign

Building Manageability with Modular Components

3 mobile phones, each with a screens from Riverwalk, Downtown Summerlin and Seaport District property websites promoting hottest fashion styles for summer.


New visitors in one month


Decrease in new site build costs


Increase in direct search sessions

The Howard Hughes Corporation owns, manages and develops eighteen master planned communities throughout the country. With the goal of bringing hundreds of retail and residential microsites into a single CMS, The Howard Hughes Corporation turned to Sagepath to leverage our expertise of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to breathe new life into their brand. The first three properties migrated to the new platform included Riverwalk, Downtown Summerlin, and Seaport District NYC.

The Challenge

Building a Foundation for Greater Branding and Cost Control

Howard Hughes tasked Sagepath with helping them gain more control over their digital assets and content while still allowing for local, customized content. Each property had its own CMS, making it difficult to gain a consolidated view of how marketing dollars were being spent. The design needed reusable components that could be used across the board, reducing CMS maintenance costs and creating a more unified brand presence online.

Montage of Riverwalk, Downtown Summerlin and Seaport District home pages.
Our Approach

Greater Efficiencies Using Reuseable Templates

We took on the project with one main intention: stand up the first property site in AEM, but keep a multi-site architecture in mind. Using the Seaport District premium retail center in New York as our model, we created a scalable platform with standardized, reusable templates and components in Adobe Experience Manager that can extend to additional sites in other locations.


 Capabilities Used

  • Content Strategy  
  • Creative
  • Development
  • Strategy
  • User Experience

Examples of online calendars with events for Downtown Summerlin and Seaport District retail developments.

Standardizing Design for Additional Properties

Next, the newly standardized components were used to build websites in AEM for premium retail properties in Las Vegas, NV and New Orleans, LA. While our first site launch was a resounding success, we discovered inconsistencies among various properties that resulted in ongoing component enhancements for even greater efficiencies.

Howard Hughe's Seaport District home page with featured promotions and events.
Howard Hughes' Riverwalk and Downtown Summerlin properties' home pages displayed on two tablets.
The Results

Additional Sites Can Now Go Live in Hours

New Sites Launch in Hours

A global component library allows new properties to access pre-approved elements while accommodating new, custom components that may also be shared across properties.

Real-time Updates in Minutes

Howard Hughes' in-house team can make real-time updates with the need for outside agencies.

More Effective Target Marketing

Built-in tagging allows more agile marketing, reduced costs and improved site performance.

A More Unified Corporate Presence

A global header and footer showcases a more unified Howard Hughes brand, their corporation and other properties.

Sites Updated for Best Practices

Google Analytics and SEO best practices allow corporate to easily request metrices for properties when required.