Greystar Website Redesign

Finding a Home for Apartment Seekers

View of an upscale living space on a tablet screen with "Welcome to your new home" headline and search-by-city search bar.

Greystar is the global leader in multifamily housing. They own and manage properties in the United States, Latin America and Europe, while keeping a strong focus on people.

The Challenge

Move and Improve

Greystar challenged Sagepath to redesign their existing website and move it onto a platform that would make management of their tremendous amount of data easier. The goal was to create an easy-to-search site that would be the first destination for people searching for a new place to call home.

Three mobile phones with content on each screen.
Our Approach

Getting the Best Customer View

Our strategic approach was to identify the main personas utilizing the site and create a user flow that answered their needs across multiple languages.

Every Consideration Met

The requirements of the site, the need for frequent updates along with the localization options lead us to choose Sitecore to build the site. Our Sitecore experts, working closely with design and UX teams, were able to replatform the site while providing design and functionality enhancements that greatly improved the user experience.

 Search results screen with information about 6 different Atlanta-area rental properties with their locations on a map.

Real-time Real-estate

To give apartment seekers the most up-to-date information, we made sure that the best real-time integrations were included in the site.

Upscale patio area with firepit, waterfall and comfortable contemporary furniture at sunset.
The Results

Personalized Search for Home

The localization and personalization options now available to Greystar, positions them as a leader in the apartment management and leasing industry. Apartment seekers are able to have a more personalized experience and search results that fit their website. To date, the website has seen overall growth in search and user engagement.