Connected Reality

At Sagepath, we’re redefining the possibilities for augmented and virtual reality. We call it Connected Reality and it’s a new way to attract, engage and convert your customers without boundaries. Sagepath is helping B2B and B2C companies leverage this rapidly evolving technology to bring their products to life in immersive brand experiences that surprise and delight as never before. Use AR presentation tools to take consumers on a tour of a model home, test drive a new vehicle, or take prospects on a virtual tour of your facility, all in 360 degrees of immersive video through a headset and a web- or app-based experience.

Our Services Defined

CR is More Than Technology

We leverage our user UX, design and development capabilities to create futuristic brand experiences focused on changing purchase behavior to form a more intimate connection between brands and customers. Connected Reality lets you increase consumer engagement and conversion, understand consumers’ behavior and preferences, and track and utilize consumer data to serve up more relevant and rewarding content. Embraced enthusiastically by consumers, connected reality is a credible addition to any digital ecosystem, allowing brands to showcase a full range of products in a compelling and multi-sensory fashion.

Engage Customers on an Emotional Level

Connected Reality visualizations inspire customers, get customers involved in the selection process, and provide an experiential bridge between the digital and physical worlds. We work with our clients within a framework of sensory engagement to engage emotionally with customers in memorable ways, create utilitarian engagement to address customer needs states and simplify the path to purchase, and develop rational engagement that builds trust and affinity by instilling confidence in the decision-making process.

Extend Your Brand’s Presence

We create connected reality experiences by brainstorming with our clients through revealing exercises and activities. Then our design team ideates a surprise-and-delight experience designed to convert customers on the path to purchase. Using the same proven processes we apply to create award-winning web and app experiences, we bridge the digital and physical worlds to establish a more intimate relationship between your brand, products and consumers, and increase web and app usage to build and sustain brand loyalty. We provide the animation, video files, and build proof of concepts for a true AR experience that allows our customers to see their digital world come to life before their eyes.

Use Cases

When it comes to designing and developing apps, our use case framework consists of utility, storytelling and commerce-based solutions.


  • Location-centric navigation
  • Product demos
  • Personalization


  • Marker-based content
  • Interactive tours
  • Gamification


  • In-store displays/POSs
  • Promotional offers
  • Loyalty program integration



  • Requirement Definition
  • Omni-Channel Planning
  • Persona Development
  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Innovation Lab POC
  • Business Case Modeling

UX/Design and Development

  • User Research/Testing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Design Prototyping
  • Motion Graphics & 3D
  • Photography & Videography
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Native App Development
  • Web-based App Development
  • API Integration
  • CMS Implementations and Integration


  • In-app Analytics
  • Customer Analytics Dashboards
  • Ratings/Review Monitoring
  • A/B Testing
  • Customer Data Integration