Continued refinement for long-term success

Your business will continue to evolve long after your new site launches. To stay effective, your site needs to evolve along with it. A post-launch strategy from Sagepath can take the effectiveness of your analytics, SEO, marketing campaigns and user personas to the next level for increased traffic and greater ROI. Our post-launch strategies are custom designed to optimize your site through controlled testing, assessing user analytics, setting measurements and benchmarks, and continual improvements and enhancements to maximize your site’s effectiveness and ensure it continues to deliver its highest achievable performance.

Our Services Defined

Analytics / Marketing Dashboards

Our data analytics team uses the right tools to dissect relevant site and customer data, then apply their unique backgrounds in E-commerce, programming, POS, CMS, CRM, marketing automation and cloud architecture to convert the data into digestible metric dashboards to provide valuable insights to help you increase conversions and ultimately drive ROI.


We won't leave you hanging. We provide maintenance support for a number of our clients and have the talent to fully support your maintenance needs. We can help you manage an E-commerce solution, continued support with CMS, and even hosting and managed solutions. We aim to be your partner in all of your digital experiences.

SEO Optimization

Every SEO project we undertake is custom created from scratch, because no universal SEO template is truly effective. While short-term rankings are gratifying, we know there is more value in developing long-term strategies for growth. We like our customers to know that good SEO pays increasing dividends over time. Our goal is to do more than drive traffic to your site; we want to drive the right traffic to your site, the kind of traffic that leads to conversions.

Content Management

Starting with a complete site audit and developing a content management strategy, we're able to create, maintain and publish your content according to your marketing goals. We have expertise in the leading content management systems like Sitecore, Crownpeak and Adobe Experience Manager. As well as the ability to create the engaging content you need to attract customers and keep you ahead of the pack.

A/B Testing & Multivariate Testing

Usability testing reveals the difference between consumer behavior and their preference, providing valuable insight that can eliminate frustration points, improve user satisfaction and ultimately have a positive effect on your bottom line. Our usability experts lead live, carefully scripted and moderated one-on-one sessions with users to reveal the effectiveness of your website's design and structure. Testing services include A/B testing, multivariate testing, headline testing, mobile testing, usability testing, and more.

Personalization & Localization

The key to acquiring customers is knowing who they are. Collect your customer's buying patterns and preferences through historical data and use it to craft a custom experience that caters to the individual's needs. Go a step further and tailor your site's information to the user's location via geotargeting. Advance your customer's relationships and team up with Sagepath to use behavioral analytic solutions to define and then implement personalization and localization.

GDPR Compliance

How your enterprise processes and stores your customers’ personal data is more important than ever due to strict privacy compliance standards under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. With maximum fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater), the stakes are high for how you store and retain your customers’ personal information, even if your enterprise conducts business in the EU but is not located there. Our GDPR experts can help you stay GDPR compliant by understanding customer personal identifying data, where it should be stored, how to make it available to participants and how to completely erase a customer record upon request as well as how to document internal process, policy, and training. In addition to being GDPR-compliant, companies who invest in data regulation and transparency show their commitment to individual privacy, which can lead to deeper trust and more loyal customers.

ADA Compliance

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) extends to websites and mobile apps and Sagepath is here to help you navigate the intricacies of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Any pages updated since January 18, 2018 are required under the Act to be at least WCAG 2.1 Grade A compliant with the highest compliance rating being Grade AAA. In addition to avoiding costly lawsuits and penalties, ensuring your website is accessible to people with hearing, vision or physical disabilities opens your site to millions of potential new customers, can improve your SEO results, and sets you apart from your competition. From ensuring videos are captioned to ensuring all images have required descriptive text, Sagepath’s compliance experts ensure your website and mobile applications meet the official standard for website accessibility for businesses under Title III of the ADA.

Marketing Campaigns

Your business needs scalable, measurable omnichannel marketing campaigns that get noticed. Marketing is a dynamic, constantly-evolving process requiring continuous, detailed attention. From email to search engines to social media, we help facilitate channel growth and monetization. Through ongoing optimization, we help transform marketing campaigns into true profit centers