Social Media Strategy & Management

Our social media experts take a smart, strategic approach to your marketing efforts. We spend our days immersed in social media, staying on top of trends and conversations for opportunities that can increase your brand awareness and drive growth for your business. As marketing pros, we know that social doesn't live in a silo, but is part of your overall integrated marketing plan. We help you decipher the right places to be, when to be there and who you are talking to. Driven by numbers, we help you reach goals that mean something for your business.

We can help you harness the power of social media to:

  • Have a productive two-way conversation with your customers
  • Target your audience with the messages that resonate
  • Increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Drive growth for your business

Our Services Defined


We sit down with you to understand your business and your brand, including your customers, goals, brand persona, and types of content available. Through social listening and secondary research methods, we can help you determine not only the type of content and messaging that's going to be most effective, but also the best channels for reaching them. Additional valuable insights can be identified using focus groups, customer interviews, and usability testing, to name just a few. Finally, we perform a current state audit to establish a baseline against which progress toward your goal can be effectively measured.

Content and Channel Strategy

Launching a social media channel or campaign without a firm strategy in place can be an expensive mistake for brands. Channel strategy, engagement and monetization opportunities all differ between Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Social media success comes to brands that not only have something to say, but know where, to whom, and how to say it best. Our approach to social media success is grounded in our own expertise and supported by social listening and data. Working closely with our creative team, our in-house analytics specialists analyze that customer data to create strategies and content that help you meet your business goals.

Engagement Strategy

Having strong content is most effective when your brand is engaging with your customers around that content. Our social media managers help you find the best approach to your community management, both proactively and reactively. We drive brand advocacy through editorial planning, channel moderation, proactive engagement, and surprise and delight. Whether a consumer's mention positively exceeds reach expectations or poses a risk to your brand, we work with your team to amplify it or move those conversations offline.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has taken off in recent years as consumers look to people they trust for guidance is making their purchasing decisions. Anyone can partner with an influencer, but to be successful, you need partners who are credible and engaged with their audience. Partnering with influencers must be geniune and make sense for both the brand and the influencer. Our social media experts connect your brand with people who will lend authenticity to your story by sharing content with the consumers who follow and trust them.

Social Monetization

A successful social media effort can be as much art as science. By combining consumer behavioral insights with strategic business goals to move enterprises to the next level, social media advertising can be a smart and efficient way to move the needle for your business. Our strategists deliver a robust media plan, with carefully targeted audiences and ongoing optimization to achieve your business objectives. Our goal is to move customers from prospects to clients and brand advocates by strategically moving them down the funnel.  

Landscape Assessment

Our social media experts manage your online presence using cutting-edge tools and awareness of emerging trends, reinforced with the latest best practices. In an ever-changing environment, we'll assess and help you understand how your competitors' strategies are performing and what is going on in your industry so you can adapt marketing efforts to best meet the needs of your current and prospective consumers. We'll keep you up-to-date in your social media marketing—from capabilities to best practices—so your social practice can stay nimble and adaptive.


  • Social Listening
  • Audience Mapping
  • Focus Groups & Interviews
  • Content & Channel Strategy
  • Persona Development
  • Content Planning & Execution
  • Channel Management
  • Publishing
  • Campaign Development
  • Community & Channel Management
  • Proactive Engagement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Monetization
  • Audience Development
  • Ad Creation & Management
  • Landscape Assessment
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Channel & Content Audits
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • Trends Reporting
  • Measurement & Optimization