CRM & Remarketing

Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management tools let you build a 360-degree view of your customers to generate better leads, nurture stronger relationships, and deliver rewarding experiences that lead to conversion by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. Rather than send out occasional emails and waiting to see what happens, Marketing Automation delivers structured campaigns with tailored, highly targeted messages to prospects based on past behaviors. Marketing Automation bridges the gap between Sales and Marketing teams to close more business by triggering a sales call at exactly the right time. 

Marketing Automation:

  • Identifies and segments audiences
  • Creates personalized, timely and relevant content
  • Nurtures audiences in the way they want to be communicated with
  • Gains meaningful insights to make data-driven decisions for future initiatives
  • Pushes prospects toward conversion quickly and efficiently

Paired with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Marketing Automation uses detailed customer data to surface insights for developing customized content about what your prospects are really interested in and trying to achieve. 

Our Services Defined

Marketing Automation Platform Recommendations

Choosing a marketing automation platform can be intimidating. We’ve worked with all of the leading platforms, like Marketo, Pardot and HubSpot, and can help you find the right one for your business. Working closely with your stakeholders, we identify needs, wants, pain points, and gaps in marketing processes, then assess technical requirements to begin narrowing down your options. We’ll present the pros and cons of each system and their features based on the scope of your needs, with an experienced recommendation on the ideal platform to meet your marketing goals and budgets. We’ll be there for you as new systems and processes are phased into your system, and our Creative team is available to style your templates for maximum effectiveness.

Editorial and Marketing Content Planning

Content is easily one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal. But how well are your using marketing emails, blog posts, newsletters and more with your customer base as actionable touchpoints across their customer journeys? Our Marketing Automation specialists use cutting-edge analytical tools to assess and optimize your content in the larger context of your overall marketing program. Then we determine where gaps exist and the KPIs to best measure effectiveness, and develop new forms of content and comprehensive strategies with roles, responsibilities and calendars. The end result:  marketing automation continually triggers contacts with the right customers at the right time to help drive them toward conversion while staff is freed to perform other duties. 

Traffic Generation Planning

Leverage data to better understand where your inbound traffic comes from and what drives users to it. When is your traffic highest each week? What is the average time spent on page? When are users abandoning their carts? Knowing what your audience needs lets you hone your content marketing efforts and attract qualified traffic. This qualified traffic can then be segmented to generate sales leads earlier in the buying process, then targeted, captured and nurtured through the buyer journey. Our Marketing Automation gurus develop traffic generation strategies so you can see what works and what doesn’t, gain insight into how your audience makes decisions, and generate more leads that turn into more customers.

Automated Email and Trigger Setup

Our Strategists create top-to-bottom automated email campaigns to help you engage and connect with your prospects and customers to increase sales and revenue. One of the most cost-effective channels for marketing, automated email campaigns use a trigger-and-action system to send real-time, one-to-one messages to your target market at just the right time in the sales cycle. Bridged by a common platform, Marketing teams can capture and nurture leads defined by personas, purchase histories and interactions and receive alerts to hand off prospects to Sales when buying symptoms are detected. Ask how we can help you build winning email strategies for higher engagement that translates into sales and customer loyalty.

Campaign Analytics and Reporting

We’ve harnessed the power of leading native third-party integrated analytics tools like Salesforce, Domo, Tableau and Google Data Studio to collect and assess data about how people use your website. These powerful tools identify and segment your digital customers into meaningful clusters, so you can assess their level of engagement and nurture them along the path to purchase. We optimize these tools’ reporting features to you can gather richer data sets to determine how your marketing campaign is performing and remove any obstacles to conversion.

Sales and Marketing Enablement

Accelerate your sales cycle with feature-rich, powerful collaboration tools that bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams with in-depth customer insights that lead to better qualified prospects. Removing the disconnect between sales and marketing makes content management easier, gives shared visibility into the across sales funnel and provides a clear path for collaboration with more targeted strategies and content. Our strategists pitch in to assess your marketing processes and sales gaps then recommend the ideal solution to boost productivity, streamline processes and enable collaboration to engage customers and close more business.

Services and Platforms

  • Drip Email Campaigns
  • Batch and Trigger Email Sends
  • Email Sends with Multi-landing Pages
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Testing (A/B, multivariate)
  • Predictive Lead Scoring
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • List Pruning
  • Assessments for Effectiveness and Refinements
  • Customer Segments/Personas
  • Identify Value Propositions
  • Platform Assessment and Recommendations
  • Current State Lead Generation and Workflow
  • Review Existing Customer Data/Schema
  • Content Audit and Strategy
  • Implement Marketing Automation Tools/Platforms
  • Create Unified Design Across All Channels
  • Overarching Campaign Development
  • Personalization/Dynamic Content
  • Build in Interactive Functionality
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Content Creation/Curation
  • New/Optimized Workflows
  • Salesforce
  • Pardot
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • HubSpot
  • ExactTarget
  • Microsoft Dynamics