Customer data strategies that deliver

Data analytics reveal who your customers are, what they are looking for, and how you can optimize your website for a more effective and fulfilling customer experience.

Sagepath’s seasoned data scientists use proprietary tools to dissect relevant site and customer data. Then, using their unique backgrounds in E-commerce, programming, POS, CMS, CRM, marketing automation, cloud architecture, metrics, dashboards, and orchestration methods, the data is converted into digestible metric dashboards that provide valuable insights that help you increase conversions and ultimately drive ROI.

Our Services Defined

Customer Data Strategies

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) pull in customer data from a variety of sources, merge the data into a unified record for each customer, and surface the data to your marketing tools for personalized customer interactions. CDPs ensure elegant handoffs as your customers interact with your brand on a variety of devices with differing goals in mind, whether purchasing a gift card on a mobile device or creating an account on your website. We can help you choose the right CDP for your enterprise to capture valuable data during all of these customer interactions for effective orchestrated campaigns across channels.

Branding and Positioning

Your brand is a lot more than a logo and a typeface. It's why consumers build a relationship with you. Because today's consumers are savvier than ever before, it's important to start your branding efforts with a clear strategy for positioning that lets you both stand out in the marketplace and communicate clearly with your audience. We conduct thorough audits of your competitive and non-competitive space to provide you with a holistic view of where you stand compared to your competition and how best to position yourself for clear differentiation in the marketplace. Besides brand positioning that helps you drive decisions of where to interact with you customers, Sagepath can help you define your brand further, from the design to the tone and voice of your brand, all way to media placement.

B2C Marketing Strategies

Our data analytics experts work closely with your team to build transformative B2C experiences designed to convert prospects into customers. We focus on executing strategies designed to get consumers to engage with your brand more often, in more channels, in an experience that makes them advocates of your brand to their social community. Our team of strategists look at your omnichannel approach to attracting, converting and building loyalty with your most valuable consumers. Then we build out a marketing strategy to harness the full power of omnichannel approach and architecture.

B2B Marketing Strategies

Our strategists leverage B2B and account-based marketing best practices across the spectrum of your digital channels to convert B2B prospects into customer accounts. Where success might be measured in terms of a "like" on a social post, in B2B that measure of importance is gauged through E-commerce checkouts, contacts from customers, and email sign-ups for a newsletter or logins on your platforms. Our approach includes tactics designed to encourage customers to broaden their scope of services with your business. These tactics include audits and implementation of best practices to build out a marketing transformation roadmap that helps meet your B2B needs and increase conversion rates.

Digital Transformation Strategies

Many of our clients seek our expertise in leveraging MarTech stacks to transform internal business operations and their customers’ interaction with their brand. At Sagepath, we take a three-tier approach focused first on customer experience, then enabling technologies to meet goals, followed by implementing supportive internal operations. We leverage our IT strategists' deep understanding of MarTech to develop omnichannel strategies with best-in-class technologies that can provide that customer experience. We work closely with you to develop a road map that shows what the MarTech or technology transitions and migration plans need to look like, identify operational implications, and build out new teams, training personnel, and rollouts to the field.

Customer Personalization Strategies

You’ve implemented your CMS. Now keep your customers coming back with personalized experiences. We implement cutting-edge personalization technologies across channels, devices, outlets, in-store and through mobile apps that let your customers know your brand is listening to them and providing value in their lives. Personalization takes many forms in both the B2B and B2C arenas, whether as a thank you to a customer for their order, a welcome back note since last login, or invite to explore recently published thought leadership articles. Our business analysts and analytics experts segment your customer data to build end-to-end experience and personalization strategies across a variety of channels and devices to increase engagement, build customer loyalty and create credible advocates for your brand.


  • Technical and Functional Journey Maps
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Business and Stakeholder Analysis
  • Digital Road Mapping
  • Business Intelligence & Strategy
  • Metrics
  • Analytics
  • Traceability Matrices
  • Implementation
  • Epic Planning
  • E-commerce Best Practices
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • Measurable Conversion Tactics / ROI
  • Results-driven Analytics & Dashboards