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    Rethink Customer Relationships for Greater Return on Marketing Investment

    Companies that consider customer engagement as sending an email with a birthday coupon are missing out on significant opportunities for customer engagement that builds brand loyalty. Learn the four primary marketing efforts that produce the highest commercial incremental value for marketers as identified in the keynote presentation by Gartner’s Brent Adamson at Gartner Marketing Symposium | XPO 2019.

    Victoria Greendyke - 05.07.2019
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    Gartner Marketing Symposium Top 9 Marketing Trends for 2019

    Marketing automation is gathering more useful data on customers and prospective customers than ever before. But as marketers get access to more data, they're still figuring out how to get the most out of it. Sagepath's Victoria Greendyke breaks down the 9 important takeaways on this topic identified by IBM's David Miller at Gartner Marketing Symposium 2019 Xpo.

    Victoria Greendyke - 05.01.2019
  • sagepath, sagepath digital summit, 2018 digital summit, digital transformation

    Sagepath 2018 Digital Summit Debrief

    They came, they saw, they shared. Check out our debrief of the biggest Sagepath Digital Summit yet where a blue-ribbon panel of marketing leaders shared insights and success stories about digital transformation.

    Victoria Greendyke - 11.16.2018
  • sagepath digital summit, digital transformation, digital strategy, digital strategies, marketing technology, marketing technologies

    Sagepath Digital Summit 2018

    Join us on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 for a night of networking with peers, a special keynote presentation by the CMO of the Atlanta Hawks, and a distinguished panel of marketing leaders who will share their experiences in digital transformation and help you shape your own digital transformation blueprint.

    Victoria Greendyke - 10.17.2018
  • atomic content, content strategy, channel strategy,

    Blowing Up the Content Paradigm with Atomic Content

    Improving customer satisfaction and strengthening customer relationships doesn’t have to be rocket science. It just takes the right combination of relevant, dynamic and targeted content in the right channels at the right time. Sagepath’s Victoria Greendyke explains how atomic content can improve customer satisfaction and strengthen customer relationships.

    Victoria Greendyke - 09.26.2018
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    Increase Customer Love with CUPID

    Digital marketers are working hard to up their customer experience game, but many are falling short by failing to gather and collate valuable customer data. A fix for this, according to Gartner Research Director Augie Ray, is using a five-step framework called CUPID to lift customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Sagepath's Victoria Greendyke shares Ray's CUPID methodology for attaining customer love.

    Victoria Greendyke - 09.05.2018
  • Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2018, customer analytics, data driven marketing, analytics technologies, digital transformation

    An Evolutionary Path for Achieving Data-Driven Marketing Maturity

    Business and IT Strategy Director Victoria Greendyke reports from the recent Gartner Digital Marketing Conference on the five levels companies go through on the path from working with “just data” to reaching the holy grail of leveraging deep insights drive business value.

    Victoria Greendyke - 07.18.2018
  • Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2018, multi-channel marketing, journey mapping, customer journies, digital transformation

    Balancing Multi-Channel Strategies with Long-Term Customer Needs

    Gartner’s 2018 Digital Marketing Conference brought together marketing leaders to share their latest insights into customer experience, data, analytics, MarTech technologies and multi-channel orchestrations. This is the first in a four-part series of key takeaways from this year’s conference in San Diego, centered around key insights into why companies who use multi-channel marketing need strategies that are reciprocal to what they provide the customer.

    Victoria Greendyke - 06.27.2018
  • Sagepath + Crownpeak Joint Webinar - 10 Best Practices for Successful Website Redesigns

    Overhauling an enterprise website presence is one of the most important projects you’ll embark on in your career as a global marketer. Your website is after all, the hub of your brand. It’s where you build relationships with your prospects and customers that ultimately drive revenue.

    Victoria Greendyke - 03.12.2018
  • store of the future, shop in stores, shop online

    Building Experiences Now for The Store of the Future

    It's become essential for business-to-consumer brands to understand the consumer journeys of their key personas and build in-store experiences that match consumers' evolving purchasing needs and behaviors.

    Victoria Greendyke - 02.26.2018
  • digital transformation, digital monetization; sagepath summit

    2017 Sagepath Digital Summit Debrief

    The Sagepath Digital Summit is an opportunity for digital leaders to come together to share and learn about upcoming trends in the industry.

    Victoria Greendyke - 11.21.2017
  • Sitecore, Sitecore Symposium, Sitecore Experience Platform 9, Sitecore Xconnect, Sitecore Cortex, Sitecore Experience Cloud

    Sitecore Symposium 2017 Recap

    What happened in Vegas isn't staying in Vegas. We're back from Sagepath Summit 2017 with exciting news about Sitecore's unveiling of the Experience Platform Version 9. Get a sneak peak at the new features and learn when we'll be moving customers to the expanded capabilities to be found in V9.1.

    Victoria Greendyke - 10.25.2017
  • sagepath digital summit, digital transformation, digital strategy, digital strategies, marketing technology, marketing technologies

    Sagepath Digital Summit 2017

    Join us on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 for Sagepath’s annual Digital Summit where the topic will be Monetizing your Company’s Digital Footprint.

    Victoria Greendyke - 10.09.2017
  • digital monetization, e-commerce, omni channel marketing, marketing, online marketing, marketing strategies, omnichannel, cross channel marketing

    Digital Monetization: A Shaw Case Study

    Our work with Shaw Floors was rooted in driving incremental sales in Shaw locations by providing a lead generation mobile app called Floorvana. The Floorvana app was built to increase in-store sales via two methods.

    Victoria Greendyke - 10.09.2017
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    Retail Marketing’s 2017 Holiday Readiness Assessment Guide

    To help your marketing organization get prepared, we've put together a few insider tips to help online e-commerce marketers get an increase of over 250% click-through on all seasonal promotions.

    Victoria Greendyke - 08.10.2017
  • strategy, personalization, eCommerce, personalization, loyalty programs, consumer profile, data, permission-based marketing

    Hyper-personalization Demystified for Retail Brands

    Hyper-personalization is known to increase e-commerce conversions by over 300%. No wonder, then, that it’s a trending topic in the retail industry.  But what is hyper-personalization and how do we implement its strategies?

    Victoria Greendyke - 06.30.2017
  • marketing strategy, eCommerce, e-commerce, digital marketing, analytics

    Sagepath's 5-Step Retailer e-Commerce Tool Kit

    Sagepath’s five-step e-commerce toolkit provides our clients with the foundation for proven success.

    Victoria Greendyke - 06.23.2017
  • strategy, Sitecore, customer experience, marketing automation, personalization, e-commerce, ecommerce, subscription, cross-selling

    Humanize e-Commerce to Increase Revenue by 250%

    With an increasingly younger target audience and ever-evolving retail landscape, BIC challenged Sagepath to rethink its eCommerce approach and breathe new life into its online experience to drive brand awareness and increase sales by reimagining and personalizing each customer's purchase experience.

    Victoria Greendyke - 06.12.2017