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    How to Keep your Funnel Full during COVID-19

    B2B businesses are facing major uncertainty as it relates to lead generation with cancelations of trade shows and major events worldwide that serve as critical avenues for generating leads and meeting face-to-face with prospects. Below are a few ways B2B businesses can shift their focus to digital strategies and tactics while still building rapport with potential customers virtually.

    Cassandra Nordyke - 03.23.2020
  • email analytics, open rate, conversion rate, click through rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate, spam complaints, revenue rate, ROI

    9 Email Metrics You Should Be Tracking

    Many marketers believe email marketing is dead, yet insights gained continue to prove them wrong. Here are nine essential email analytics that bring high value to every organization.

    Cassandra Nordyke - 05.15.2019