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    Advice to Future Interns

    Some internships are about getting coffee or picking up dry cleaning for managers. Not at Sagepath, where Summer Intern Andy McCallum found himself challenged throughout his 12-week internship with projects that expanded his skill set and personal growth. Now Andy has some good advice that can help first-time interns get the most out of their experience.

    Andy McCallum - 08.15.2019
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    Why I Chose to Intern at Sagepath

    Meet Andy. Andy was looking for a summer internship with a digital agency where he can use the cutting-edge digital marketing tools he’s studying at UGA in real-world situations. Sagepath was looking for a skilled intern who wanted to do, well, that. We asked Andy why he applied to Sagepath. This is his answer.

    Andy McCallum - 06.11.2019