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Andy McCallum - 06.11.2019

Why I Chose to Intern at Sagepath

As a rising senior at the University of Georgia Terry College of Business, over the next 10 weeks I have an incredible opportunity to be interning at Sagepath with their Digital Marketing Team.

Andy McCallum is a 2019 Summer Intern at Sagepath.

My goal as an MIS major is to go into consulting with a focus in marketing strategy or operations. While the University of Georgia helps students connect with good internships and jobs, when I began looking, it was unclear what I needed to get out of an internship this summer. It took several months of career fairs, resume workshops, and interviews to narrow down this search. So why did I choose a “digital experience agency?” The short answer: because Sagepath’s dynamic team strives for innovation in leading both their employees and clients to the best results.

The longer answer: When searching for an internship this past year, it became clear that I wanted to work in a place where the tools I had been learning at school and my previous work experience could be further developed. I had previously worked as an online marketing assistant for a small manufacturer’s representative agency. There, I learned valuable data entry and analysis skills in order to more effectively market products online.

I have always been interested in big picture analysis. I love helping people discover and communicate how businesses can be more effective in an ever-developing world. With clients such as Coca-Cola, NAPA, and Krispy Kreme, Sagepath does more than provide creative or design ideas. They strive to help businesses reach and go beyond their goals with industry-leading strategy, user experience, development, creative, and optimization expertise. Consulting is an ever-growing field.

As big data is becoming the new engine of the business world, it is vital to have the tools to interpret the data and lend expertise to companies applying these new insights for success. To intern at a company where I could learn from experts in digital strategy, development, and creative teams would be an incredible opportunity.

I knew that I would be challenged this summer as soon as I met their team. When I came in for my interview, several of the team leaders wanted to know more about my work experience and what I was learning in school. They wanted to know what specific classes I was taking as an MIS major to better understand what team I would learn the most with. They wanted me to take the time to learn the tools to set me up for success.

As an intern at Sagepath, I have a unique experience to:

  • Learn different sides of a world-class multi-faceted marketing agency
  • Learn firsthand about cutting-edge analytics, data, and marketing tools
  • Be a part of an agency where idea-sharing and innovation are encouraged
  • Create and communicate deliverables for our teams
  • Intern in a growing, dynamic work environment

With ever-changing access to and capability of technology, businesses need to be able to adapt and change with their markets. This team is constantly working to improve results and give new, actionable insights for their clients.

I am excited to be interning at Sagepath and I look forward to being challenged by a team who cares and takes a personal interest in my learning and future.