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Haris Cajic - 04.26.2017

What One Month of Effective Link Building Looks Like

Google has made no secret of the value backlinks provide to websites trying to rank higher on the search engine. If you can implement a strategy for consistently acquiring relevant, authoritative backlinks to your site, you will see similar results to the ones I’m about to show.


I recently conducted a link acquisition campaign for a client that had just undergone rebranding with a complete website redesign including a new domain name.  They had successfully executed a PR campaign which got them a lot of traffic to the site, but were unhappy with how traffic had tapered off in the last few months.


Here is the overall session growth after only one month of link building.

seo session growth from link building


And here is the growth in referral traffic – almost 2x growth!

referral traffic session growth from link building campaign


Finally, here are the sessions for the primary landing page I targeted with the link building campaign. The sessions more than doubled!

targeted landing page session growth from link acquisition campaign


The secret to the quick growth in sessions was not due to the site ranking higher on search engines, but referral traffic as a result of obtaining links from relevant sites. You see, a proper link building campaign doesn’t focus on higher search engine rankings. Its singular focus is increasing site exposure and driving real traffic to your site. If you can do this, then the rankings following suite. And speaking of rankings…

keyword rankings


It wasn’t too long before Google began noticing the links and social shares the campaign had garnered. There were some big wins in rankings from this. I cannot wait to see what these will do for the site’s traffic in the future.


How did this link building campaign end up being so successful after only one month? The answer is process. Like many marketing efforts, having an establishing process will ensure campaigns run like a well-oiled machine.

Each step in the link building process is segmented out and tackled individually. From link prospecting, to outreach, to content creation and value exchange, each part is siloed out for maximum efficiency. This focused approach allowed me to find over 1000 prospects in just 1 week. Of those, I was able to perform outreach to hundreds and obtain dozens of backlinks.


White-hat link building is considered by many SEOs as being too difficult to obtain quick real world results. However, if you can develop a solid workflow and understand how to craft valuable content that is worthy of being linked to, then you will see amazing results.