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Haris Cajic - 07.12.2018

Sitecore: Versatile Digital Marketing with Real-Time Audience Data

Sitecore is an enterprise content management and digital experience platform with one of the most customizable packages on the market. Much more than just a CMS, Sitecore is a platform capable of unifying your omni-channel marketing efforts. Sitecore is built upon Microsoft’s .NET framework and offers rich integrations with products such as Microsoft Dynamics. If your business is already utilizing C# with .NET for your development needs, then Sitecore is a logical choice for your business. Sitecore offers numerous benefits for content creators, marketers and developers alike and is notable for providing:

  • Personalization – Built to provide robust personalization capabilities utilizing platform’s integrated analytics.
  • Integration – Provides integration with a large number of industry-standard tools and platforms.
  • Distributed Content Management – Gives multiple users the ability to access and work on content in a seamless manner.

Sitecore for Content Creators

Sitecore’s content management system provides flexible, intuitive control over the content publishing process. Content creators spend less time learning intricate working details of the CMS, and more time creating and publishing quality content. Content creators will appreciate a few important features:

  • Easy multilingual website implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization module
  • Flexible workflows
  • Support for blogs, forums, RSS feeds and more

Sitecore for Marketers

Like many enterprise CMS providers, Sitecore has evolved into a complete digital experience platform (DXP). Marketers can leverage a unified platform for executing digital marketing campaigns, gathering data, and conducting testing and optimization. The robust integrations provided by Sitecore allows marketers to establish a 360-degree view of the customer. Marketers and data analysts can take advantage of many cool features of Sitecore such as:

  • One source of truth for data
  • Ability to utilize gathered data for quick personalization and customization of marketing campaigns
    Built-in analytics
  • Easy (and often built-in) integrations with third-party marketing tools and platforms
    Support for multivariate and A/B testing
  • Built-in support for marketing automation campaigns

Sitecore for Developers

Sitecore’s platform features great documentation, an active developer network, and certification training. Unlike other platforms, developers won’t find themselves having to jump through hoops in order to effectively work on Sitecore. Built-in support for integration, customization and analytics reduces complexity and incentivizes agile development. Developers will find few limitations when working with Sitecore, allowing them to develop customized solutions for the enterprise without much frustration.

At Sagepath, we specialize in helping companies get the most out of their Sitecore implementation. As a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner, we build eCommerce sites, websites, and integrations with ERPs and Marketing tools including CRMs and Marketing Automation systems to address specific issues, so our customers’ businesses can continue to grow. If you’re not getting all you can from your investment in Sitecore, drop us a line.