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Victoria Greendyke - 10.25.2017

Sitecore Symposium 2017 Recap

Our team had a great time in Las Vegas meeting Sitecore experts, partners and customers. We participated in many marketing, strategy, and technical breakouts to learn about Sitecore's latest functionalities and strategies, but the standout for us was Sitecore's unveiling of the Experience Platform Version 9 and the Sitecore Experience Cloud functionality.

We’re excited to learn that Sitecore's Experience Cloud™ will offer a range of content management, digital marketing, and commerce tools as well as continuously optimized experiences, new approaches for collecting customer data, and real-time insights using machine learning. We will begin moving customers to the new platform by V9.1 in early 2018 once the initial round of bugs is resolved. Learn more about how the Sitecore Experience Cloud aims to aggregate siloed data across the enterprise for B2B and B2B customers.

A high-level description of the new Sitecore features:

  • Sitecore Experience Cloud: The Sitecore Experience Cloud continuously learns from each customer interaction so brands can deliver optimized real-time engagements with content, campaigns, and commerce in context. To learn more, check out Sitecore’s video.
  • Sitecore xConnect: This is Sitecore’s single unified API that will support full data interoperability between nearly any source into and out of xDB. It will help to power true omnichannel data collection and contextual intelligence at scale – something we know all customers are going to be investing in during the next 3-5 years.
  • Sitecore Cortex: Cortex is Sitecore’s machine-learning engine with advanced algorithms for real-time insights across both native and third-party customer data. It will allow for audience segmenting, content scoring for personalization, and multi-variant testing.

Sitecore Symposium 2017 Keynote Video:

We are looking forward to next year’s Sitecore Symposium in Orlando!