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Cassondra Machis - 07.02.2019

My Journey to Sagepath

Flashback to six months ago.

The pressure of landing an internship for the summer was in full force as I entered the University of Georgia’s Spring Career Fair. I made all the necessary preparations, my resume was in hand and I was jittery for the first attempt at my 30-second pitch.

Showcasing your talents and potential in just a few minutes to a total stranger can be a tricky task. Nonetheless, I went for it. After establishing my footing with a few companies for practice, I found myself at Sagepath’s booth. I was already interested in the company by researching their website and client portfolio, but my initial Career Fair conversation is what really sparked my interest.

Cassondra Machis is a 2019 Summer Intern at Sagepath.

To give some background, my name is Cassondra Machis and I’m a rising senior majoring in Digital Marketing and International Business at UGA. A few of my interests include traveling, tacos, and cheering on Dawgs. When I started my junior year, my internship search began without a clear vision of where I was headed. I felt like I was applying to any position with the word marketing in the title.

After countless applications and a dozen interviews, I finally had a more tailored approach to what I was looking for in a company. I realized that I need a dynamic work environment to continuously keep my interest. I also liked the idea of gaining exposure to several industries simultaneously while having a hands-on and collaborative environment. On top of all that, I wanted to ensure there was a fun and welcoming office culture. I was excited I had narrowed down my search and motivated to find a company that showcased these values.

At first glance, it seemed Sagepath fit all these requirements, but I was eager to do some further investigating. Each experience I had with Sagepath made me feel confident that it did, in fact, encompass everything I was looking for! Some highlights of my Career Fair conversation with Sagepath included how interns are given vast responsibility, gain exposure on multiple projects, and can work cross-functionally among departments.

The next step in the Sagepath recruiting process was a networking dinner. This was a great casual environment to learn more about the company and meet additional team members. I admired the less traditional and formal recruitment structure because it gave a realistic representation of the vibes in the office. My final interview solidified these perceptions when I found myself in a room of directors and executives asking what I wish to gain from my time at Sagepath. It was clear that my priorities and interests were taken into consideration upon making their final decision and that definitely stood out to me amongst other companies I talked with.

A couple of months later, the daunting search for an internship finally came to a close and I was confident in my decision to become a Digital Marketing Intern with Sagepath. Flash forward to my first day, some nerves were inevitable, but they quickly subsided when I saw so many familiar faces in the office. Yet again, on day one, Sagepath proved they prioritized my passions and interests by creating a summer calendar of projects that aligned with the goals I expressed in my interview.

It’s no surprise that the transition from a full-time student to a full-time job can be rough, but Sagepath’s refreshing culture and talented team have made it that much easier. In my short time here, I have already learned so much and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my summer at Sagepath has in store.