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Cassondra Machis - 07.31.2019

My 3 Favorite Projects as a Sagepath Intern

When I joined the Sagepath team, I told them I wanted exposure to as many areas in digital marketing as possible. With only a week left in my internship, I started making a list of all the projects I worked on this summer.

I suddenly realized, not only did I cover all the digital marketing bases, but I had enough experience to completely fill a resume from the last ten weeks alone.

From major projects to day-to-day tasks, I gained so much knowledge in areas like social media, email marketing, SEM, SEO, client audits, data analytics and more. Although I would love to walk you through every detail of every project, for the sake of this blog, I’ve narrowed it down to three of my favorites to provide a glimpse of what I’ve achieved and learned this summer.

Cassondra Machis is a 2019 Summer Intern at Sagepath.

1. Email Marketing Dashboard

Following some certifications in platforms like Google Analytics and HubSpot, I started my first big project. I was asked to create a fresh and systematic way to report specific email marketing efforts to a client. To be completely honest, I had no idea what I was doing for at least a full week. Regardless, the challenge and use of creative thinking that came along with the project are why it became one of my favorites. It started in HubSpot, moved to Excel, and after eight attempts, I transformed the data into a five-page dashboard in Google Data Studio that I was extremely proud to show the team. This project went in a million different directions, but I learned that this can be the reality of any task and to avoid getting discouraged when your first (or seventh) attempt doesn’t go as planned.

2. FY20 Research & Ideas

Unlike the email marketing dashboards, this task was similar to projects I’ve completed in the past. I was asked to work alongside Andy, my fellow intern, to research the current state of a client, upcoming trends in the client’s industry, and fresh ideas for next year. It was fun to work collaboratively since we had the opportunity to completely dive into an account and develop some new and creative approaches. We then presented our findings to our entire digital marketing team and even a few executive members. I loved sharing our hard work while improving my presentation skills and gaining valuable feedback from some seasoned marketers. The coolest part of this project is that the team will be sharing some of our research and ideas with the client in an upcoming meeting. I never thought I would be able to have an impact on an account as an intern, but this project reassured me that my hard work is directly helping both clients and my coworkers.

3. GoogleAds Campaign

This was not originally one of my tasks for the summer, but once I started learning about SEM, I wanted a way to get a holistic view of the topic. We decided creating an entire GoogleAds Campaign was a great way to do just that. I love that the team wasn’t afraid to adjust my schedule depending on my interests. This impromptu assignment proved to be much more difficult than I thought. I learned GoogleAds is constantly changing and there are endless strategies to choose from when starting a new campaign. Regardless of the challenges, I now have a huge appreciation for SEM and anyone who specializes in the area. I love that the skills I learned through this project can be applied to countless industries and businesses. Also, I’m obviously exposed to search engine advertisements every day and I enjoy knowing the process behind them. On top of that, it’s extra cool to google a brand and see an advertisement appear that you helped create.

Outside of the projects and new technical skills I gained from this summer, Sagepath showed me an amazing first work environment. I now know that it’s possible to produce quality work while having fun, your boss can simultaneously be a valued leader and a friend, and that hard work and your company role should be respected by everyone, even if you’re “just” an intern. Although I am super excited to go back to school, I will definitely miss Sagepath and the team! I want to give a special thanks to Sagepath for sharing all the new knowledge, letting me grow my skills with the best coworkers, and giving me an overall unforgettable summer.