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Eric Swanson - 05.10.2018

Mobile is the Store of the Future

The traditional employee greeter at the front of a store is gradually being replaced by a new Director of First Impressions: your customers’ mobile device. As mobile devices become more and more pervasive, they are becoming the new first-point-of-contact ambassadors for brands. In essence, they are the Store of the Future for many brick-and-mortar stores.

That’s because mobile devices and apps offer a more personalized experience, encourage repeat engagement, build loyalty and influence purchasing behavior —  all in the palm of your hand.

There are many examples today of where mobile is already being used to transform the customer experience:

  • Order online and pickup in store services

  • Delivery services

  • Personalized kiosks and menu boards

  • Personalized online and in-store shopping experiences

  • Upselling of products and services based on consumer behaviors and patterns


In fact, the mobile experience is being integrated into every step of the buyer’s journey. Every customer touchpoint is being reimagined and redesigned around mobile. For instance:


  • Pop up stores allow customers to order ahead to pick-up
  • Delivery services such as Uber result in fewer customers coming in store

  • Logistics in and around stores are being reoriented around grab-and-go and delivery

  • Companies are investing in smaller stores and shops based on less foot traffic

  • Registers are being replaced by sales associates armed with handheld devices

  • Staffing models are also shifting — particularly compelling for industries with traditionally high rates of employee turnover


Mobile has had such an impact on Store of the Future planning that many companies now think of it more holistically as Experience of the Future, where the mobile experience is fully immersed in the physical store experience. As a result, the in-store experience is radically shifting to a more hyper-convenient, mobile-first service model.

So what can you do?  Start by thinking about how a mobile app can disrupt the status quo and simplify the way customers interact with your brand. The competitive landscape is ever shifting and threats exists from small startups all the way up to A-listers. Mobile apps allow you to reimagine the entire customer journey, by streamlining customer experiences and building brand new ones. What can mobile do for you?

The revolution is coming sooner than anyone ever imagined. Sagepath is helping our customers harness the full power of their data to get their customers online for seamless experiences that increase brand affinity and consumer loyalty. If your enterprise is ready to set the stage for the human/technology connections that are fueling the Store of the Future, drop us a line.