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Haris Cajic - 08.02.2018

Kentico All-In-One Solution for Customer Experiences

Our clients rely on Sagepath to optimize their IT investment and leverage the full power of their digital experience platform to meet their unique digital marketing needs. This profile of Kentico is the final installment of our four-part series outlining the strengths of each platform to help you determine the right fit for your MarTech stack.

Kentico: All-In-One Solution for Great Customer Experiences

Kentico is an enterprise CMS and marketing platform that has been consistently named as a major challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for web content management (WCM) systems. Built in-house on top of Microsoft’s powerful ASP.NET framework, Kentico provides a powerful, comprehensive platform for users struggling with a disparate MarTech stack. Kentico aims to be a disruptor in the saturated world of WCM by offering:

  • Effortless CMS –  Kentico’s focus is to deliver a powerful, intuitive experience, both for customers and web content managers.
  • Marketing – Through analytics, leading scoring, and marketing automation, Kentico helps marketers create a 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Intranet – Kentico offers unique solutions for project management and workgroup capabilities.
  • Online Communities – Kentico offers built-in support for many social and community pages, including blogs, forums and groups.

Kentico Boasts a Variety of Best-In-Class Features

Customizing is Easier Than Ever

With the launch of Kentico 11, the system’s ease of use continues to improve. Administrators can easily customize user experience across a variety of user roles. Users are presented with only the information and tasks pertinent to them. This can help introduce much simpler user flows, which translates to more productivity and a less intimidating experience for newer users. Such granular customization decreases complexity for standard users, helping increase efficiency and avoid mistakes.

Workflow and Staging Complexity Simplified

Most enterprise systems have a series of different servers that code and content changes must move through before reaching a live production environment. Kentico takes the complexity out of workflow management through a simple process that is completely customizable by an administrator. Now, users within an organization will have a clear process they must go through in order to move changes through different environments. Steps within the workflow process can be restricted so that changes are only deployed to a production environment upon appropriate approval.

Integrated eCommerce Support

Kentico has supported eCommerce for over a decade. Through Kentico, websites can easily integrate their content and eCommerce management into one simple solution. Through a simple, open API, and built-in eCommerce personalization and customization options, Kentico improves the speed at which organizations can launch robust eCommerce websites.

Expedited Time to Market

Kentico is a platform built for efficiency – for both developers and business users. This is why businesses enjoy faster time-to-market when compared to other WCM platforms within the same space. Kentico helps supplement speed of delivery through its various integrations, built-in functionality and web components. A great example is Kentico’s support for GDPR data protection. Through such support, Kentico helps businesses waste less time on irrelevant problems, and more on their digital strategy.

Sagepath’s extensive experience in Kentico implementations makes us an ideal partner to help companies leverage its extensive web content management, online marketing and e-Commerce capabilities. If you're considering Kentico as a CMS, get in touch to learn how we can help your implementation go smoothly and meet goals set for your business.