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Sneh Parmar - 03.30.2017

Improve UX and Drive Conversion with Personalization

The world is becoming smaller and smaller thanks to technological advancements in recent years that bring people closer together regardless of geographical distance. We can now interact with someone on the other side of the world with relative ease. This sense of connectedness people share is having a profound impact on brands and how they interact with their customers.

As brands create broad marketing strategies around consumers as a whole, it’s necessary to curate the experience for each individual in order to drive them to complete a purchase. Curating a specific experience for people results in consumers reacting positively to the brand, and the consumer’s corresponding brand loyalty. Brands now have access to technology that makes every customer feel special but while there are many components available for personalized consumer experiences, many brands struggle with implementing this personalization on their sites.

Fortunately, personas can be created in a wide variety of customer data platforms and web content management systems. Personas are representations of types of users who interact with your brand and are based on user research that identifies user interests, needs and goals. The more specific a consumer segment is, the better the chance that your curated information will affect those consumers.

Multiple personas can be created in Sitecore, with each persona assigned to specific consumer segments as they interact with your site. Sitecore can surface content relevant to the typical interests of each persona, creating a more personalized experience that helps drive engagement and funnels users toward conversion.

An example of persona engagement would be a customer for a used car dealership that sells both budget-priced and high-end vehicles. When this customer comes to your site and starts going through your inventory, he or she will be served up certain value points. The value points determine the consumer’s persona.

So, if you’ve created two personas in Sitecore—a “high end” buyer and a “budget buyer”—then based on what type of vehicles a consumer views throughout the session, they will be assigned to one of these categories.

Once assigned to category, such as “budget buyer,” the consumer begins to see content relevant to their interests. When that consumer visits your site again, your site will update to show the returning consumer the latest deals on budget cars and special prices for used vehicles rather than high-end vehicles.

Taking this a step further, the consumer can be automatically placed into email campaigns for budget-priced vehicles, keeping them engaged with your brand in a way that is meaningful to them.

Personas can be very powerful, helping brands reach their consumers on a more personal level by understanding their wants and needs. Personas can be valuable outside of the online experience as well. For example, when a customer decides to call a sales rep or customer service agent, the brand employee can pull up the customer’s data and see what’s important to this specific consumer and provide the best possible results. Personas create a relationship between the brand and the consumer and this personal touch will bring that consumer back over and over again.