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Victoria Greendyke - 06.12.2017

Humanize e-Commerce to Increase Revenue by 250%

The Ask

BIC … it is one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the world offering “simple, inventive, and reliable products for everyone, everywhere, every time.” From shavers to stationary to lighters, BIC has built a loyal and passionate base of followers. Yet, its eCommerce website was void of this same brand passion and lacked the ability to connect with customers. Instead, the site was limited to one-off eCommerce transactions that led to stagnant sales and low brand awareness. With an increasingly younger target audience and ever-evolving retail landscape, BIC challenged Sagepath to rethink its eCommerce approach and breathe new life into its online experience to drive brand awareness and increase sales.

Our Solution

Sagepath reimagined the BIC eCommerce website by integrating passionate consumer stories and lifestyle into the buying experience to drive consumer enthusiasm and awareness. The effort identified and targeted key personas and personalized each customer’s purchase experience. Sagepath conducted market research and end user focus groups to identify consumer need states and validate its approach.

In the age of Amazon, Birchbox, and Dollar Shave Club, consumers expect one-click checkout, personalized recommendations and easy-to-use profile management. Therefore, we introduced subscription services to promote cross-selling and up-selling while expediting the check-out flow for high-volume and high-frequency items. Providing the subscription also enabled BIC to better understand their customers, their behavior and their preferences to offer more relevant future offers. Additionally, we introduced product bundling that combined multiple products into a single offering, enabling one-click purchases for multiple target personas – from mothers and fathers to millennials and seniors. To support these new purchase offerings, Sagepath delivered a comprehensive content strategy to better showcase the products in their respective categories and sub-categories with a high attention to beautiful artwork and SEO-optimized, refined product imagery. Sagepath also incorporated user-generated social content throughout the site to reinforce a sense of community, build advocacy, and increase engagement with the brand.

Built in Sitecore, leveraging a new ecommerce platform that was fully integrated with BIC’s JD Edwards ERP system, Sagepath delivered a fully scalable solution that enabled BIC to personalize and localize its messaging and evolve the site experience to meet the needs of its growing customer base. The entire project, from strategy to design to development and integration to testing, was launched within five months.


The Results

Combining subscription services, product bundling, user-generated content, and personalization humanized the online experience, resulting in a 250% increase in online commerce revenue and a 150% increase in site traffic within one year. Additionally, Sagepath continues to work with the BIC team and provide branding and design work for promotions throughout the year, including BIC’s marquee Super Bowl advertisements, which resulted in a 200% increase in online sales during the campaign lifecycle.