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Sophie Epps - 08.29.2019

Four Noteworthy PPC Trends in 2019

Digital marketing has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is no different. In 2018, Google rebranded AdWords to “Google Ads,” along with updates to their interface and increases in the number of campaign and targeting options. Facebook, Bing and Amazon also made large strides. So, what changes are we seeing occur so far in 2019?

Audiences Over Keywords

Keyword bidding has been driving PPC strategies for years, but we are starting to see a rapid shift in the industry. Each platform is becoming increasingly sophisticated with AI predictive models creating better customer interactions at the user interface. Platforms are evolving from centering around text ads to include formats accommodated across Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and networks of partner sites. The targeting options are becoming much vaster and are shifting towards audiences.

Responsive Search Ads (RSA)
Responsive Search Ads (RSA) utilize machine learning to do the work of ad creation by automatically creating ads tailored to the users’ search query. This eliminates the manual control advertisers have been so accustomed to and shifts efforts to an automated strategy. 2019 is expected to see a further shift toward automated efforts, with RSAs becoming default ad types in major search engines. Google Ads and Bing have even added a third headline and second description to text ads along with the ability to import longer ads in Google.

Automated Bidding Options
Automated bidding options in Google Ads learn as they run, allowing ads to automatically optimize themselves. The trick here is to make sure your campaign structure is built to work with the algorithms. This means that all your tagging and conversion tracking must be set up properly, your ads have great copy, and you are targeting the ideal audiences and keywords. Automation can get out of hand, so you must continue to monitor your ads and remember that not every automated suggestion is right for your business.  

Amazon Advertising
Google and Facebook now have a new competitor when it comes to SEM and PPC. More and more consumers are using Amazon as their home base for search and Amazon is taking advantage of the profit that comes from this. Amazon is now the third-largest digital ad seller in the U.S. according to eMarketer and is expected to continue to grow.

The biggest advantage to leveraging Amazon ads is the ability to access Amazon’s audiences, backed by their shopping behavior data. Amazon is becoming more open with their data and has been working to increase their analytics capabilities, though the interface is not as robust as Google’s or Facebook’s just yet. Advertisers are flocking to Amazon as the question has shifted from “if we invest in Amazon” to “when we invest in Amazon” and expect Amazon to be able to keep up with Google’s rapid changes.

2019 offers the opportunity to gain a strategic advantage over competitors as well as reach audiences and targets like never before. At Sagepath, we work across platforms to help you develop a full Paid Media strategy to reach the right customers. If your enterprise is ready to take advantage of the latest advances in these rapidly evolving technologies, get in touch.