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Connie Tran - 08.07.2017

5 Great Ideas from Sagepath's June 2017 AEM Meetup

Attendees watch a presentation at Sagepath's June 2017 AEM Meetup.
Sagepath's Adobe Experience Manager Meetup, June 2017

On Thursday, June 22, 2017, the Atlanta AEM Meetup group held an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Component Showcase & Digital Asset Management (DAM) Implementation event here at Sagepath headquarters in Buckhead.

Attendees included representatives from UPS, Coca-Cola, and International Hotel Group (IHG) as well as independent consultants who have provided AEM expertise for clients such as Interface, eHire, and other top tech companies in the Atlanta area.

Representatives from IHG, Coca-Cola and UPS attended the meetup.

We found that attendees have been experiencing the same issues we’ve faced in our own AEM implementations. No matter the phase of the project, from development to content publishing, consultants at multiple companies across various industries were looking for best practices in digital assessment management and developing Adobe Experience Manager implementations.

Here are the top five great ideas from Sagepath’s June 2017 AEM Meetup.

Attendees watch a presentation at Sagepath's AEM June 2017 Meetup.
Steve Bevilacqua, Experient-Enterprise Marketing Consultant, shares insights on DAM best practices.

Idea 1:  People and Process are Just as Important as Technology

According to DAM expert Theresa Regli, you should expect three to five times more in spend per year in people and process than the spend in technology. In many DAM implementations, businesses can forget about the very end users for which the technology is ultimately being built. Digital Marketing consultant Steve Bevilacqua gave us a business-focused look at best practices for DAM and discussed the importance of the people behind the technology.

Having been through many DAM implementations, Steve emphasized the time that should go into understanding the people that will be managing the DAM and the integration points it will have.

Steve gave one harrowing example in which a credit card company allowed customers to upload any custom picture onto their credit card. However, the company’s Legal department was not involved until half a million dollars into development. When they discovered they would need a new department just to sort through submitted images for copyright issues, the entire project was put on hold and eventually scrapped.

Attendees watch a presentation at Sagepath's AEM June 2017 Meetup.
Sagepath's Scott Reinhardt shares his custom solution for AEM dialog box issues.

Idea 2: Adobe Experience Manager Can Be Improved with Simple Yet Ingenious Solutions

Sagepath’s very own back-end developer, Scott Reinhardt, gave us an ingenious solution to a problem we encountered in AEM where the ACS Common Node Store Multifield with a tabbed panel was not saving fields. After finding where the fields were being saved, updating the code to look for all.coral-Form-fieldwrapper rather than just second children fields did just the trick. You can find Scott’s technical breakdown and even check out his source code at the Sagepath blog here.

Attendees watch a presentation at Sagepath's AEM June 2017 Meetup.
Sagepath's Sean McKaharay explains how to ensure large images don't slow sites down.

Idea 3:  Choosing the Right Image Rendition Matters

Sean McKaharay, Sagepath Lead Software Architect and resident AEM veteran, showcased a custom thumbnail servlet built by the Sagepath AEM team. The servlet builds on, improves, and extends AEM’s ThumbnailServlet and makes it highly customizable. The servlet automatically renders an image in the right size to optimize website performance.

You can find all of Sean’s blog posts on AEM and content management systems at the Sagepath blog here.

Attendees watch a presentation at Sagepath's AEM June 2017 Meetup.
Atlanta AEM Meetup attendees share their insights based on real-world issues they've encountered.

Idea 4:  What-If? Built-in Reporting for Images without Tags

Our fourth great idea comes from an insightful question asked by one of our own attendees. “Does anyone know of a report or way to tell which images do not have tags or are not properly tagged?” Even with several experts in the room, no answers surfaced, but a few light bulbs went off. Adobe, we hope you’re listening!

Idea 5:  The AEM Community is Growing and Strong

As you can see, there are many facets to any AEM implementation. Brand-new bugs, tweaks, and ingenious solutions are discovered with every AEM implementation. It takes a group of talented graduates from the AEM School of Hard Knocks to not only build upon but extend the Adobe Experience Manger platform in innovative ways

If you’d like to be a part of Atlanta’s growing Adobe Experience Manager community, you can join the Meetup group here.

Be sure to check the Sagepath blog and Atlanta AEM Meetup group for future AEM Meetups, including our event on August 17 where we will discuss Adobe Analytics and its integration with AEM. Stay tuned!

Attendees enjoy pizza and refreshments at Sagepath's June 2017 AEM Meetup.