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Victoria Greendyke - 10.09.2017

Digital Monetization: A Shaw Case Study

Digital monetization can come in many forms – converting online traffic to online sales, online traffic to in-store sales, in-store traffic to online or mobile sales – the list is endless in the digital world that we live in. Whatever the channel, the goal of digital monetization is to drive an incremental lift in sales through digital conveniences available to a consumer.

Our work with Shaw Floors was rooted in driving incremental sales in Shaw locations by providing a lead generation mobile app called Floorvana. The Floorvana app was built to increase in-store sales via two methods.

First, because Floorvana is a consumer-facing app, anyone can download it. Due to its ease of access and use, large scale marketing programs were put into effect to increase awareness of the app. Once downloaded, the app walks a consumer through the decision tree of picking a color, style, and SKU for their home floors. Once floor selections were made and saved to the consumer’s account, they were prompted to bring these details into their local dealer’s store to see and experience the product. This is an example of converting mobile app traffic into in-store foot traffic by arming the consumer with the data they need to make the in-store experience that much more personalized.

Second, because Floorvana is a consumer-facing app and anyone can download it, it could also be marketed and used by Shaw Dealers selling Shaw products on their store floors. Introducing a digital way to look at colors, make real-time decisions to reduce large sets of inventories and save selections on a digital device made the in-store experience for floor buyers that much more innovative and connected. When dealers used the app as a tool during the selling cycle, they were able to introduce a larger set of styles and SKUs to consumers because everything was digital and they were not limited to showing only products that were available on the store floor or back stock room.

Monetizing your consumer’s traffic across channels is a pivotal aspect of any marketing program. At Sagepath, we produce omni-channel customer experience strategy to help you understand how to convert traffic into sales. Drop us a line and let us know if you’d like to talk further about our process or digital monetization framework we use for clients like Shaw.