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Haris Cajic - 06.21.2018

Crownpeak Optimizes Global Customer Experiences

Our clients rely on Sagepath to optimize their IT investment and leverage the full power of their digital experience platform to meet their unique digital marketing needs. This profile of Crownpeak is the second in a four-part series outlining the strengths of each platform to help you determine the right fit for your MarTech stack.

Crownpeak Web Content Management & Optimization

Crownpeak is an enterprise digital experience platform (DXP) focused on helping businesses achieve rapid deployment of content and marketing initiatives. Crownpeak consistently ranks among the very top in Gartner’s DXP Magic Quadrant due to its unique digital offering, making it a stand-out choice for businesses seeking to connect with customers across a multitude of touchpoints.

Through Crownpeak, businesses don’t have to worry about being encumbered by the technical complexities of their MarTech stack, allowing more time to be spent crafting and executing digital strategies.

There are a variety of features which gives Crownpeak its best-in-class status, including:

Digital Quality Management

Crownpeak boasts an impressive array of tools for automated digital quality management. These tools check for a variety of issues, including those related to search engine optimization (SEO), compliance issues, content standards, UX and more. These automated tools can periodically crawl a domain, checking for broken links, language clarity, section 508 accessibility violations, and a myriad of other issues. Rather than utilizing dozens of disparate tools, Crownpeak aims to provide one source to handle all quality-related problems.

Web Accessibility

Crownpeak acquired Evidon, the maker of a patented SaaS solution for digital compliance, in order to bolster its consent and monitoring solutions in a changing digital landscape. Such moves place Crownpeak ahead of the curve, especially with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Businesses implementing Crownpeak will have a much easier time handling data regulation due to the platform’s integrated support.

Web Hosting

Crownpeak is one of the few solutions offering SaaS web-hosting support. More than just a content management system (CMS), Crownpeak aims to help businesses during each step of the digital transformation process. By integrating with Crownpeak’s unique hosting solution, businesses can take advantage of an environment optimized for scalability, security and performance.


Enterprises often overlook the importance of search. The most popular websites in the world are also some of the biggest search engines. Crownpeak utilizes Search G2, a powerful solution that provides website visitors with fast, accurate, and predictive search results, enabling websites to deliver the right content to users within a fraction of a second. Very few platforms on the market offer such robust integrated search solutions.


Crownpeak excels at allowing businesses to easily deliver personalized, cross-channel experiences. Dynamically-served, optimally-timed content delivery helps increase engagement and drive more conversions. And Crownpeak accomplishes this all through one intuitive platform serving as a single source of truth for your personalization data.

If your enterprise is in need of a feature-rich digital experience manager designed to meet the ever-growing expectations of customers for fast-loading, consistent experiences across devices, drop us a line. With a number of Crownpeak implementations under our belt, Sagepath can help you take control of your digital footprint with Crownpeak’s SaaS-based solutions to create, deploy and optimize experiences for your customers.