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Katherine Willingham - 04.02.2019

Create Deeper Customer Relationships with AEM Communities

One of the most effective tools marketers can use to promote their brand is user-generated content, or UGC. UGC benefits brands in many ways, from increasing brand credibility to proof of brand promises through social communities. While there are many options for platforms that drive user engagement toward conversions, enterprises using Adobe Enterprise Manager (AEM) may be surprised to learn they already have a proven platform to drive user-generated content through customized community features like forums, groups, blogs, reviews, and much more.

 So what is AEM Communities? What does it do, and should your enterprise implement it?

Create Branded Social Communities
AEM Communities is a module of AEM that enables companies to leverage a suite of tools to create branded community experiences and foster interactions between brands, prospects and customers. Adobe released Communities in a previous version of AEM and has upgraded it with new features and enhancements in the latest 6.2 and 6.3 releases. AEM Communities has helped our clients succeed in developing deeper relationships with site visitors through blogs, event calendars, forums, comments, Q&A and other UGC.

Elevate User Experiences and Engage with Customers
Leading brands are leveraging UGC to elevate user experiences and create new ways to engage with customers. When leveraged properly, UGC can boost social media reach, increase site trustworthiness, and apply personalization to nurture relationships between the brand and its customers. Marketing departments can gain valuable insights about their users, including preferences, demographics, and interests. Community members can also utilize the convenience of using their existing Twitter and Facebook accounts to log in to Communities.

Get Unfiltered Customer Feedback and Increased Retention
Hosting and managing an online community offer brands numerous benefits as well. Companies can receive direct, unfiltered feedback and reviews on products and services from users, as well as increase customer retention by being responsive and conversational. Companies are also able to reduce support costs by allowing users to help each other, minimizing call center requests.

Keep Your Community Secure
An additional key benefit of Adobe's Communities module is the ability to manage your community by allowing moderation by members in the publish environment. Moderation of UGC is useful for minimizing negative contributions, like spam or abusive language, and allows a trusted manager to easily edit, delete or deny these posts via the author or publisher environments.

The AEM Communities module offers a full-featured framework that combines collaborative and social applications to create a thriving community for your brand with blogs, forums, user profiles and other social capabilities. While there are many out-of-the-box features, Sagepath’s extensive experience with AEM means we can extend these features by customizing AEM Communities’ capabilities to suit specific needs. If you’re ready to implement a proven framework and digital strategy for a branded social community, getting in touch with the AEM experts at Sagepath is a good first step toward greater customer engagement and conversion.