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Victoria Greendyke - 09.26.2018

Blowing Up the Content Paradigm with Atomic Content

In a previous post, I shared insights from Augie Ray’s 2018 Gartner Digital Marketing Conference’s presentation about CUPID, a five-step framework for multi-channel marketing based on Collecting, Unifying, Predicting, Identifying and Delivering exceptional customer experiences. You can find it here.

The CUPID framework addresses the key conundrum about content, which is that content doesn’t have any real meaning unless you know the perspective of the person reading it. This is why personalization works so well to improve customer experiences and strengthen customer relationships, a strategy Gartner’s Chris Ross calls Atomic Content.

Micro Elements Produce Big Results

An Atomic Content strategy is driven by the creation of small, customizable content elements, or “atoms,” that can be assembled into dynamic marketing assets. Combining these micro elements can transform overall relevant marketing assets into an experience that meets the specific needs of the targeted recipient based on where they are in the customer journey.

For example, when an email with a 15 percent off coupon for a hard-to-find pair of shoes Dave had researched online shows up in his inbox, it feels like the email was made just for him. It has the shoes he was researching, and since he had already checked out positive reviews for the brand the previous week, the coupon is timely enough to make the decision to buy easy.

Focus on Core Personas

The email Dave received was a carefully constructed combination of atoms—individual elements like copy, headlines, offers and calls to action combined to deliver a seamless customer experience just for Dave. This experience is made possible by technologies that allow mining data for insights that can drive dynamic experiences. Combining these insights with core personas prioritized for their strategic value and other criteria helps to provide focus on those personas that are most relevant to meeting organizational objectives, allowing atomic content to be directed to the most relevant and significant audiences.

Multi-Channel Strategies Fuel Atomic Content

Atomic content calls for marketers to rethink the way they create and deliver content. As always, successful execution of persona-driven content requires a measured channel strategy, with awareness that not every channel has importance or needs to be included in the conversation. Channels like social, mobile, and email marketing may take starring and supporting roles throughout the buying process, but not every channel will always have importance in the conversation.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Rocket Science to Be Effective

Sorting and applying customer insights doesn’t have to add complexity to your marketing efforts. Explore the out-of-the-box standard features of your existing marketing automation, email marketing and content management tools and technologies and use their capabilities to support many of your atomic content marketing efforts. In addition, the capabilities of personalization and customer data platforms, mobile marketing analytics and data visualization and dashboard providers can help marketers meet their goal of creating customer experiences that increase satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately ROI.

Sagepath is leading the way in positioning our customers to harness the full power of atomic content using their marketing stacks to reach their customers with the right message at the right time in the right channel. If your enterprise is ready to make the leap to the next level of AI-enhanced personalization, drop us a line.