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Haris Cajic - 06.04.2018

Adobe Experience Manager: Exceptional Content Management for Digital Marketing Initiatives

Our clients rely on Sagepath to optimize their IT investment and leverage the full power of their digital experience platform to meet their unique digital marketing needs. This profile of Adobe Experience Manager is the first in a four-part series outlining the strengths of each platform to help you determine the right fit for your MarTech stack.

Simplify Management & Delivery of Content

Abode Experience Manager (AEM) is a powerful, enterprise-level content management systems (CMS) boasting an array of powerful features. While AEM is an excellent system in its own right, its ability to seamlessly integrate with Adobe Marketing Cloud makes it a standout performer in the world of digital experience platforms.

It’s no secret that Adobe offers a vast array of products ranging from marketing to analytics to content management. If your business is already heavily invested in this suite of products, then AEM will provide easy integrations. The power of AEM doesn’t lie fully in its enterprise CMS capabilities, but in being one important part of a unified ecosystem provided by Adobe.

AEM is notable for providing:

  • Scalability – AEM is built to scale with your business.
  • Agility – The architecture behind AEM allows a team to build out dozens of templated websites quickly and efficiently.
  • User Interface – AEM boasts one of the easiest user interfaces (UI) for managing and editing content. The interface is intuitive and does not require IT expertise to learn.

Create Rich and Responsive Web Experiences

For marketers and developers alike, AEM is more than just a comprehensive and versatile content management system. AEM developers can take advantage of a variety of features for an intuitive and efficient development process, including:

  • Modular architecture allowing developers to quickly develop and deploy multiple sites.
  • Built-in support for caching
  • Up-to-date UI for easy development of responsive, touch-friendly components.
  • Intuitive integrations between marketing cloud solutions.
  • Open-source by making heavy use of Apache.

Reasons for Selecting an Enterprise CMS such as AEM

  • Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant places AEM as a leader within the Web Content Management space.
  • In the backend, each system provides security, scalability and stability.
  • AEM can be customized to take advantage of data to fuel localization, personalization and dynamic marketing.
  • Simple integrations with major third-party marketing and automation providers allows for your CMS to become a source of truth for your data.
  • Solid framework upon which to build an omni-channel user experience
  • Reputable support system for marketers, content creators and developers
  • Exceptional Features of AEM
  • High security
  • Distributed content management
  • SEO friendliness
  • Ease of use
  • Feature-rich
  • Flexible customizable
  • Cloud support

Sagepath leverages our partnership and expertise with Adobe to deliver digital solutions that help our clients meet unique challenges and ensure business goals are met. Drop us a line to learn how we can help you maximize your IT investment to create, organize and manage content across your digital marketing channels.