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Haris Cajic - 09.25.2017

A Frail Foundation - The Deceptive Nature of Cheap Facebook Likes

Many businesses believe that a Facebook page needs to have hundreds of thousands of likes to seem legitimate.  After all, Facebook page likes provide a sense of social proof. While this is somewhat true, the means by which page likes are acquired can compromise the integrity of future social campaigns on the platform. For the inexperienced social marketer, obtaining page likes for a fraction of a penny may look good on paper, but you will eventually pay the price.

Not All Likes Are Created Equal

Likes are not created equal on Facebook. A page like from the United States costs more than it would from most other countries. The reasons for this depend on a variety of factors, such as commercial intent and how many advertisers you are competing with in that country. If you obtain 100,000 likes for your Facebook page through a campaign that primarily targeted countries that are outside your market, then you may have affected your organic and advertising potential.

Cheap Likes Can Prove Costly to Organic Reach

The organic reach of a Facebook post has dropped significantly over the years. Even if you have 100k likes from extremely relevant people, your organic reach per post will usually fall between 1-5%. This means that only a small percentage of your audience will actually see your organic posts. The reason cheap likes are detrimental is because they can skew your initial organic engagement levels. Each time you publish a post, Facebook will measure engagement levels of a small subset of your audience which will affect how many overall individuals Facebook decides to show your post to. If half of your audience was obtained from individuals in foreign countries via a cheap like campaign, these individuals are less likely to engage with your posts. If Facebook sees that engagement levels with your initial audience is low, then your organic reach will suffer.

Aside from organic reach, your advertising campaigns can also be negatively affected. Successful Facebook advertising campaigns rely heavily on audiences – relevant audiences. While there a number of ways to target audiences in Facebook, one of the most stable and profitable means relies on your business page itself.

Use Customer Information to Create Lookalike Audiences

One powerful way to target a new audience to create Lookalike Audiences, which are audiences that are similar to an existing audience. Lookalike Audiences are created by using customer information from your website, mobile app visitors and people who like your Facebook page, a quick and easy way to reach people who are more likely to respond to your ads. However, if those likes were from random individuals who do not necessarily care about your brand or your products, then your Lookalike Audience will be created based off bad data.

Generate More Likes with Airtight Targeting

Building a strong Facebook profile is possible, but it requires research. If your goal is to generate more likes for your page, make sure that your audience targeting is airtight. With the proper setup, you can still get likes for pennies on the dime while maintaining a relevant audience.