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Jenn Weber - 06.07.2019

5 Essential Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail

It’s no secret signage plays a critical role in retail environments. From printed advertising to pricing to wayfinding, signs are intentionally—and often subliminally—directing consumers to consider, investigate, and purchase. Retailers are always looking for ways to attract consumers, and digital signage can be a great tool to engage shoppers in both an experiential and functional way.

1. Brand Recognition
Digital platforms allow signage to become an extension of your brand, with the ability to display creative content in interactive ways. Being able to tell a story through video or animation brings your brand to life and can help drive the overall tone of your brand voice. Going digital also provides a seamless way to promote your mobile and desktop environments by bridging the gap between your online presence and brick and mortar stores.

2. Promotions

Digital signage is the perfect vehicle to communicate limited time offerings and special promotions. Content can be updated instantaneously or planned out purposefully to complement your marketing calendar. The ability to update content and marketing seasonally keeps signage on-trend, timely, and relevant to consumers. Rotating signage content allows retailers to provide several messages to consumers in a short amount of time, increasing reach to their audience.

3. Wayfinding & Throughput
Strategic digital signage placement can provide a multitude of benefits to both retailer and consumer. In its simplest form, signage can be used to enhance wayfinding in otherwise congested or high-traffic areas. In ever-changing retail landscapes, having the ability to keep signage such as maps and directories up to date is critical for customer orientation. In peak hours, when shopping lines tend to surge, directional wayfinding can minimize wait time, and keep shopping lines moving for optimal throughput. Likewise, digital signage provides an opportunity to entertain, engage or promote upselling prior to consumers reaching the point of sale.

4. Experiential/ Customer Engagement
Digital signage can be a great tool for engaging and influencing customers, including personalization and gamification. Retailers are incorporating interactive digital experiences throughout retail to build awareness of new products. Large video display walls and interactive floor displays offer fun and exciting opportunities to expose shoppers to new products and services. Providing personalized interaction by allowing users to customize their interactive experience also increases engagement and prolongs the exposure time to your messaging. And don’t forget about social! An interesting and visually appealing display creates a perfect background for visitors to snap and share—providing opportunity for advertising and exposure of your brand.  

5. Analytics

Many interactive digital signage programs can deliver valuable analytics, such as which products are searched for the most. If sales don’t reflect this interest, brands can take steps to improve the products’ perceived value. Displays can include video cameras that record customer eye movements to help determine areas of interest and time spent interacting with the signage. If customers spend 10 seconds watching a 30-second display, it may be time to produce more compelling content

As new technology emerges, the benefits of digital signage will continue to grow rapidly, especially for those companies wanting a cost-effective way to build customer engagement and increase perception of their brand. If your enterprise is ready to take in-store signage to the next level, get in touch to learn how our experts can help you realize the benefits from the very latest in digital signage technology.