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Victoria Greendyke - 11.16.2018

Sagepath 2018 Digital Summit Debrief

Sagepath Digital Summit 2018 Recap

Sagepath’s 2nd Annual Digital Summit was a riveting night of inspiration, storytelling, and best practices for digital transformation! Hosted at the Sagepath office in Atlanta, GA on Wednesday, November 14th, our team hosted a lively community of digital transformation trailblazers interested in networking and learning transformation dos and don’ts for marketing and business initiatives.

The night opened with an inspirational keynote by Melissa Proctor, who walked us through her impressive career progression, starting as a basketball sideline ball girl to  her present position as CMO for the Atlanta Hawks.. She shared the importance of resilience in meeting life’s ups and downs, and stressed that you should never give up  and to continually push forward towards what you want, regardless of what others tell you. She related her personal transformation story back to business and digital transformation with a couple of key lessons:

  1. Respect the hustle
  2. Be open to change
  3. Bring your whole self to work
  4. Redefine what success means

After Melissa’s motivating presentation, five digital transformation leaders took the stage for our much-anticipated panelist discussion. These digital transformation leaders included:

  • Carolyn Maragno, Director of E-Commerce at Cracker Barrel
  • Dawn Keller, Vice President of Digital at Krispy Kreme
  • John Neilson, Chief Marketing Officer at Hunter Fan
  • Mike Chissler, Chief Operating Officer at Holler & Dash
  • Scott Clark, VP, Marketing at ConvergeOne

Panelists at Sagepath Summit 2018

Each leader defined what digital transformation means to their business and several key messages rang true for both the B2B and B2C organizations:

  1. Change starts from within. Your organization must be ready to operationalize digital transformation at all levels of the team. Leadership must be brought into the digital transformation concept and the impacts of both on the short and long-term roadmap.


  2. Your team must incorporate the voice of the customer in your roadmap. It is imperative to continually take feedback (via surveys, events, and research) from your customer to constantly improve how your organization meets their needs in digital channels.


  3. Data is vital. As Dawn from Krispy Kreme stated best, ‘You can’t spell transformation without “data”.’ Many companies have siloed transitional data but few companies know how to navigate and consolidate customer data across channels. This will be the holy grail for many companies undergoing digital transformation.


  4. Technology investment is never easy. Your organization must build a roadmap focused on quick wins while also building the foundation for long-term success. Most times to meet both short-term and long-term needs, organizations must be ready to invest in a phased MarTech stack implementation. If architected correctly, the phased implementation will allow companies to measure success, fail fast, and pivot based on business and industry ever-changing needs.


  5. Don’t be afraid to fail. But if you do, fail fast. Failure is never fun, but let’s be honest, sometimes it takes a quick fall for both a person or business team to gain the lessons learned to get smarter and stronger. Each leader on the panel expressed that a fail-fast mentality has allowed their marketing and sales teams to test new processes, technology, and marketing content in order to learn what works best for their business.


We want to thank the panelists for such a great night and for sharing their experiences and perspectives with our Sagepath community. We hope all that joined us for Sagepath Digital Summit 2018 enjoyed the event and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

If you would like to be invited next year, please email events@sagepath.com.