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    Basic Authentication in Sitecore

    Enabling basic authentication in Sitecore is a simple task of enabling it in IIS. But what do you do when IIS does not allow for both forms authentication and basic authentication to be enabled at the same time? Click the link for my solution.

    Scott Reinhardt - 03.05.2018
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    Do Not Repeat Yourself

    One of the main principles of software development is “Don’t Repeat Yourself,” or DRY.  Yet when working with CrownPeak, many people will consistently repeat the boilerplate in their input templates.

    Scott Reinhardt - 07.13.2017
  • development, AEM, Adobe Experience Manager, acs common node, aem tabbed panel

    ACS Common Node Store Multifield with a Tabbed Panel Not Saving Fields

    We encountered a problem in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) where the ACS Common Node Store Multifield with a tabbed panel was not saving fields inside the tabbed panel. Here's the solution we came up with.

    Scott Reinhardt - 05.25.2017
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    Fix for a Bug in the Tabs Container

    On the surface, the business requirement appeared simple: In Adobe Enterprise Manager (AEM), reorganize the properties in the dialog box into sub-categories. In execution, however, this proved to not be so simple, due to a bug in Adobe Enterprise Manager (AEM).

    Scott Reinhardt - 03.16.2017