• ada, ada compliance, web accessibility, web standards, Americans with Disabilities Act, W3C web content accessibility guidelines

    Making Images Readable to Meet ADA Compliance

    Making images ADA-compliant to ensure digital information is accessible poses unique challenges to agencies. Here are a few extra steps developers can take to optimize websites and mobile apps to produce a more satisfying experience for those with sensory, physical or cognitive abilities.

    Aaron Smith - 10.19.2017
  • Development, AEM, adobe enterprise manager, page-based development, component-based development

    Thinking in Components - Better from Front to Back

    The increasingly widespread practice of component-based development across teams helps ease the transition of code between development specialties, previously one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks in a development life cycle. By rethinking the way that front-end development teams work, we can help increase developer productivity, ease unit testing and debugging, and substantially reduce impact on timelines and budgets.

    Aaron Smith - 05.18.2017