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Mike Matthes - 02.05.2016

Missing Method when using Web Forms For Marketers (WFFM 8) with Sitecore 8

When using WFFM 8.0 for the first time, I experienced the error below.

Exception: System.MissingMethodException
Message: Method not found: 'Boolean System.Web.WebPages.BuildManagerWrapper.IsNonUpdateablePrecompiledApp(System.Web.Hosting.VirtualPathProvider, Microsoft.Internal.Web.Utils.IVirtualPathUtility)'.
Source: System.Web.Mvc

The issue is caused by having an incorrect version of System.Web.WebPages.dll. Having the incorrect version of the dll should be a simple fix, but the dll is not versioned correctly. When you get this dll from NuGet the version is reported as 3.0 as you can see in the screenshot below.



If you look at the version from NuGet you'll see that you actually have version 3.2.3. This version of the dll has the missing method with this signature

internal static bool IsNonUpdateablePrecompiledApp(VirtualPathProvider vpp, IVirtualPathUtility virtualPathUtility)



To fix this error, copy the correct version of the dll from your NuGet directory to the Sitecore bin directory