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Scott Reinhardt - 03.05.2018

Basic Authentication in Sitecore

I needed to lock down access to our stage site with basic authentication.

Normally, enabling basic authentication is a simple task of enabling it in IIS. However, Sitecore uses forms authentication to log in to the /sitecore area. IIS does not allow for both forms authentication and basic authentication to be enabled at the same time. Try it, and you'll get familiar with this error message:

Example of IIS alert pop-up reading 'challenge-based login redirect-based authenticaiton cannot be used simultaneously.'


I saw two main paths I could go down:

  1.  Create a custom login page for non-Sitecore users and manage a user account for it, or
  2. Handle the basic authentication outside of IIS.

I went with the second option because creating a new Sitecore pipeline is a very simple solution.

Here is the pipeline:

Here is the Config File to patch it in:

The pipeline works by checking to see if we have an Authorization header included.  If not, do a 401 and present the WWW-Authenticate header back to the browser.

If the header is present and has the basic scheme, decode the basic authentication header, which is a base64 encoded string of username:password, and compare it to a setting in the config file - this could easily be adjusted to be stored in the database, as a Sitecore extranet user, or in Active Directory.

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